All officers onboard commercial vessels must submit an application prior to embarkation. War crafts, traditional vessels and private yachts are exempt.

Applications for Flag State Endorsement are to be submitted electronically for processing to the STCW Certification Manager via email or to the Deputy Registrar of the vessel.

For efficient processing of the application, please ensure that the application form is completed and submitted along with copies of the required documents, as prescribed by Section 9 of the application form.

STCW Certificates of Endorsements  will be issued to holders of Certificates of Competency  or Certificate of Proficiency  issued  by the Administrations of the States listed below.

  1. Australian
  2. Georgia
  3. Jordan
  4. Lebanon
  5. Liberia
  6. New Zealand
  7. Turkey
  8. Vietnam

For further assistance or information, please contact the STCW Certification Manager.